Rear Work Lights

Rear work lights are very useful when hooking up tow ropes, towing trailers or when reversing in the dead of night. On my last Land Rover I had a single square fog light above the rear door which was switched from the cubby box switch panel. The light had an awkward light spread pattern and its single switch located at the front of the vehicle could prove inconvenient when working at the rear of the vehicle.

I later upgraded to two cheap halogen spotlights either side of the rear door but these were again not suited to floodlight illumination, and still worked from the original switch.

When I installed the hardtop on to this 110 I decided I wanted rear lights again. I sourced a couple of adjustable work lights and removed the H3 Halogen bulbs. These were replaced with LED bulbs designed to fit in H3 Halogen holes.

When I fitted these bulbs to a bench power supply I wasn't particularly impressed with them, but the power saving they represent made me persevere. I am glad I did. Once installed in the lights and switched on using the same bench power supply the light output seemed even worse, but when tried at night they clearly lit up a large area. The cold blue light LED's produce takes some getting used too but when they will only be drawing a few milliamps being able to leave them on for long periods of time is worth it.

One more problem had been highlighted by previous installs of work lights and that was the limitations of using a single switch. I decided to see how easy it would be to be able to turn the lights on or off from both the front of the vehicle and the backdoor. I fired up Crocodile Clips software to simulate any circuit I came up with and it turned out it was embarrassingly easy and rather annoying I hadn't attempted it before hand.

The circuit has been redrawn as a JPG for anyone wanting a similar design to be able to see. The lights are ready for fitting as soon as the auxiliary fuse panel and switches for the dashboard arrive.

The lights will draw their power from the second battery so that they can be left on for as long as the battery has power, which combined with the LED bulbs will hopefully be far greater use than I will ever need.


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