Homemade Land Rover Radiator Muff

Firstly I would like to make it clear that this write up was inspired by another Land Rover site at:


After sitting down and writing my winter preparation plan out I realised if I followed the first draft to the letter it would be a pricey affair. I went back through and rewrote it several times cutting out unnecessary expense. I knew I wanted a radiator muff but couldn't justify the £30 to £80 they cost. A little searching on the internet turned out the site above and I have stuck to his design almost exactly. The only differences being I used a punch to prevent the tears in my mat from expanding, and used cable ties for everything as mine will remain largely in one place one fitted and not be adjusted.

The digital gauges fitted to my coolant have allowed me to see a 1 to 2 degree (Celsius) increase in normal use of coolant temperature. I will also be removing the viscous fan for a Kenlowe electrical item. Whilst I feel it is too early to tell completely how the muff performs I have driven about 100 miles with it on and have suffered no adverse affects to date. Below are some pictures:

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