Painting the Land Rover

As much as I liked the "Military" look of the Land Rover once the hard top, rear door and replacement door top had been added the Land Rover was no longer a uniform colour. I deliberated over what colour to paint the Land Rover for quite some time, and even photoshopped different colours of paint found on Ebay to see what I liked. Below are some of my Photoshop examples:

I have always liked yellow Land Rovers but everyone of my family and friends I mentioned it too were rather put off by the idea. Eventually whilst talking to a friend who was helping fit the second filler for the Vegetable Oil conversion he mentioned he could get the paint I wanted for nothing, but in true Henry Ford style I could have it in any colour I wanted as long as it was black yellow. Saving £50 and getting the only colour I had actually wanted seemed like a sign so I said yes and it was promptly delivered.

Painting rear door as a test.
I had read a few years ago about using mini foam rollers to paint a Land Rover and decided this would be the method I employed. I decided to paint the back door first as it was straight and a good test.

The first coat highlighted two things - I would need two coats minimum and flys like wet yellow paint. I slowly began to paint other sections of the Land Rover masking of bits I wanted to remain paint free - rubber seals, the roof and windows etc. The whole process with the mini rollers is quite quick and on smoother panels left a very good finish. On old military paint it also worked well and whilst not a show room finish is smart and presentable. Below are the remaining photos taken during the painting.

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