Vegetable Oil Conversion - Twin Tanks


My Land Rover originally came fitted with the one diesel tank. The very large tank behind the rear axle. Up front where Land Rover 90's have their tank was a rather useful under seat tool/storage box.

Upon committing to the conversion I realised I would need two tanks. I toyed with the idea of fitting one in one of the jerry can lockers in the sides of the Land Rover. One was already used for a gas cooker, spare oil and water and a second battery for CB Radio use during off road events. The other locker holds two jerry cans, one of which usually has some emergency diesel in. I like these lockers and was reluctant to lose the two uses I had already created for them.


Mulling the idea over during one of my holidays I decided to tidy the shed to make way for an oversized industrial compressor I had acquired. Ridiculously big and rather impractical in its original 3 phase form it has a single phase 240v motor on it now and could inflate a blimp. Whilst tidying I came across an old 90 fuel tank. Its previous owner had gifted it to me after replacing it with a new one due to a leak. Once I had cleaned up the tank I had found the leak and stowed in the shed for later repair.


The leak had been caused by someone screwing in a long self tapping screw through the floor plate of the Land Rover. I was going to use petro-patch on it but it never happened.

So now with a tidy shed and the knowledge of a 90 tank I started to look for a Series filler set up to follow Terri Anne Wakeman's conversion to twin tanks. Her excellent site and write ups can be found at:


I managed to find a complete Series filler and faceplate on Ebay under a buy now auction so hastily clicked away and paid for it. My collection of parts was building but I couldn't find a fuel tank outrigger at a cheap price. I mentioned this to a mate who does any MOT welding for us and he said he could make one out of angle for me next time he was up. That in hand I purchased a set of 3-way solenoids controlled by 12v to allow selection of each tank. These are fitted in the engine bay and as such are detailed in that section.


The next Saturday I got an early morning wake up call to say the welder was on his way up. On that day we got the tool box cut out, the fuel tank mounted and fitted and my transfer box swapped out for a Discovery item I had in the yard, the lower gearing of the original limiting the 200TDi, but being ideal for his automatic 90 hybrid.


Whilst the tank is mounted I haven't sourced pickup pipes and sender unit for it yet so progress on the tank has halted once again Fitting the filler cap is similarly on hold, though I now have the hoses required, I am nervous about cutting a big hole in the side of my Land Rover without further research and measuring.


Once progress resumes I will take lots more pictures of the bracket and holes required for the filler, but as of yet the only picture I have is off the missing tool box.





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