Vegetable Oil Conversion - Components

The conversion I designed required lots of little components all coupled together into a functioning system. Bits were added over time, some bought new and others found whilst crawling around salvage yards. Whilst each section of the site details where the components have been used, a full list will aid any people considering this set up and is listed below.

Description / Picture
1 x Combination Boiler Heat Exchanger
1 x VW Oil Cooler Element
Eckes Bolt (
15mm Internal Diameter Heater Hose
8mm Fuel Hose
1 x 90 Under seat Fuel Tank
1 x Coolant Temperature Gauge
1 x Oil Temperature Gauge (Fuel Temp)
2 x 3 Way Fuel Solenoids (12v)
1 x Bosch Fuel Filter Head
Angle Iron (Mount Fabrication)
Plumbing Fittings
In-Line Fuel Filters (disposable bulk buy item)
2 x DPDT ON/ON Switches
2 x Red 12v LEDs (Panel Mount)
2 x Yellow 12v LEDs (Panel Mount)
1 x 12v Buzzer
Old Computer Case (Switch panel metal)
Lots of jubilee clips
Series Fuel Filler Pipe & Bracket




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