Malcolm Bell

Malcolm was a close personal friend and fellow Land Rover enthusiast who sadly last year passed away suddenly. We had spent most evenings together over cups of tea discussing and planning our vehicles, working in the worst possible weather and helping out stricken motorists.


Malcolm left a big void in the lives of the people who knew him, and whilst his Land Rover 90 still comes to events and joins in, driven by Craig his son in law and Rachel one of his daughters, when you see it in the rear view mirror you can't help but regret Malcolm isn't at the controls. Many people in the off roading community will have fond memories of Malcolm and here are just a few to show how much of a character he actually was.


After requesting Malcolm kept his fingers clear of the Winch control whilst I moved around the cable I looked up to this!
Any oppurtunity to use his winch - moving a heavy engine crane about really sped up the engine swap on L4NDROVER - it also provided some great laughs!
Getting the 90 ready for a transfer box swap.
The 90 jacked up on ramps for the transfer box swap. This went long into the night!
Malcolm turned an old 90 CSW into an excellent looking off road machine.
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Malcolm Bell
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