K&N Filter Fitting - Housing Modification

When I bought the 110 it came with most of the engine components in the back. The head was chucked in with all the nuts and bolts, hoses, radiator, fan, cowling and header tank.

Whilst I was sorting through it one day I came across a K&N Air Filter for the original engine - a 2.5 naturally aspirated engine. I stored it away in the shed as it was missing the housing.

Fast forward a couple of months and after fitting the 200TDi I decided to see if the filter would fit the 200Tdi Defender housing. Sadly it didn't. The construction of the housing meant the filter was too short.

Not being one to give up, and already knowing the difference these filters can make I decided to modify the housing as I couldn't justify the cost of buying the correct 200TDi item.

Cutting the inner mount off I reattached it a couple of inches shorter. This meant the shorter filter could be used. I refitted the filter to the vehicle leaving the end of the housing off.

This would allow more air to reach the filter and would still give the option of refitting the end when a snorkel kit is found.

The first drive out the power increase was definitely more apparent. I feel the biggest gain has been in smoothness though. This filter has made working your way up through the revs less laboured.

The filter itself comes free with the same wing nut as the paper elements used. The lid can no longer be attached due to the shorter stud length, but 3 self tappers drilled and screwed around the clip with a bead of silicone would seal and keep this in place when the snorkel comes.

All in all a very worthwhile couple of hours.

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