Head Lights Upgrade - HID Bulbs Conversion & Halogen Roof Bar


Whilst the crystal lenses featured below have been good I still wanted to up the light output. After watching some videos of American rock crawlers running with HIDs I was sold and fitted an E marked conversion kit from Ebay. The difference is EPIC!


I then wired a Halogen (4 x 55watt) roof bar to my high beam circuit via a relay. The difference in light output is amazing. I am going to look out for some white light 55 watt bulbs for the roof bar as the yellow tint is a little annoying - but only in photos!



HIDs and Halogens running together.



HIDS vs Halogen Headlights - the whiter light makes a big difference.



Crystal White Light



Head Lights Upgrade - Crystal Lenses

After a recent over zealous approach to some muddy water I managed to ruin my existing headlights by filling them with mud. They had never been that brilliant, and were also two different makes so I decided to upgrade them. When I had the 109 I fitted Wipac Clear Lense Crystal lights and thought they were excellent for light output. I promply ordered a set.

Being a military Land Rover there is no covers on the lights so fitting took little more than a few minutes. The light output has certainly been boosted and I think a decent pair of HID spotlights will be all I need up front.

Here are some before and after photos:

Headlights Filled With Mud
Muddy and Different Styles
New Crystal Lights
Out on a Rescue on the Fells - much brighter!



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