Land Rover Crane


A driveable crane which can be used by any Land Rover with a front hitch.

Last year it became apparent that over the space of a few months we were going to do about 6 or 7 engine swaps on different Land Rovers. I had an old fashioned engine hoist, which used a length of stud wound up or down but it was really past its safe working load whenever it was called on to lift a Land Rover engine. It also had to be manually dragged over whatever distance the engine had to be moved.


I had seen videos on the internet of Arctic research vehicles using a bumper mounted a-frame to move fuel drums around and I set about designing this, and eventually I stumbled on the below video of an example on a Land Rover. A few years back I had spent a lot of time researching pushed trailers for another project (still in the works). I decided that rather than adapt a crane to fit my Land Rover I would make a stand alone crane which can be moved with the aid of any Land Rover. Firstly here is the video that helped lead to my eventual design and drive to complete it.




After watching this video several times I set about sketching on paper designs for my crane. I went through various layouts and then transplanted the one I thought would work best into AUTOCAD. This allowed me to order exactly the right amount of steel. I was owed money by someone who had an old trailer axle so a deal was done there and all that remained was for me to weld it together. Due to the size of the metal Chris came up to help (a lot of the transplants we would be doing were going to be his fault anyway).


Here is the final CAD design:


CAD Plans for Crane


As you can see the design isn't complicated so we set about constructing it.



Construction - I'm 6ft 7 so its a big boom.


The crane worked well and really made light work of removing and storing the different engines. Here is a badly hashed together video of it working:





The crane worked well and had about 5 engine lifts under its belt when an earth strap was accidentally left attached to a vehicle due to limited access. This put a lot of strain on the crane boom and it sadly kinked. This was not as such a problem with the design but more an oversight leading to overloading. This led to a quick and nasty repair of the crane which gave it a much shorter and thus stronger boom. On the plus side it now lifts engine, gearbox and transferbox as one complete unit. Happy days.


Lifting a complete engine, gearbox and transfer box as one unit. Try doing this and moving it with a man power engine hoist.







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